Reviews for "Streamline"


Hoy Shit coolio, that was sooooooo awsome. Great job

get on MSN :P before i leave

this game poons

lol, I love this game, i thought, wtf kinda game is "Streamline" then i played it and it blew my mind, loved it!!! good job, hope to see morefrom you !!


Entertaining and challenging!

The music is good, the difficulty makes it fun, and the variety makes it interesting. Excellent job.

The only thing I wish for is an idea of how far through the song I've made it, simply because it can be frustrating for players to get killed at some point in the song without any idea of how much they had left to go.

Hard but fun

Good job with synch, the song had a perfect beat going for this game with the bass sounds is a gun shot and a clap in a crushing thing. It's very hard but it's a good game. Just when you start the game the sound kinda sounds werid until the true beat. I would mabey add some more life.



This game is very fun but is too hard but it's too damn perfect :)