Reviews for "Streamline"

cool... i finished the game, the final part is bit anti-climatic though... after the snake pacman explode, it's cannon up and down and that presser thingy which not so hard but still a very good game
the hardest part is the chaser ball and snake pacman...

man i love how everything is syncronize with the song

loved it, although you should build on it, youknow add more songs and things shooting at you!!

so god dammed awesome, i got up to the following ball part, IM SO PROUD

i cant get past that 2nd part. its just relentless. it be cool if the sond would change every time you lose.

A cool, adicting and challenging game, it's not like other music games (no one of these are your) that have a good song, but they thing Difficult are bad controls, this game have a nice playability and i like how the things go synchronized whit the song, it's really hard.
I like your works and i want MORE of that AWESOME games, good luck man^-^