Reviews for "SMW: Parodies"

One of the absolute best mario parodies, EVER!

This made me laugh. simply put. best. mario. parody. ever.

ToonCastleTV responds:

Glad to hear it man! Thats a very good compliment, thanks :3

Dude that was pretty fucking funny.

Good work dude...I loved the "milkshake" part.You should do one with an Indiana Jones style scene!!!

you had me at SMW

dnt kno y but this sprite movie reminded me a heck of a lot more like super mario then any of the others and i think that all the new consoles should bring back all the old games like mario and sonic in thier true form (sonic 3d=rubbish) and the racoon suit owns over the frog and flower suit p.s. lion king game was quite gd aswell


it was really good. it had some good music and was funny.


SUPER HILLARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ToonCastleTV responds: