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Reviews for "Passenger-side Daydream"

Your songs are like tides.

Flowing well, with the occasional rougher currents within it, still conveying it's beautiful picture. You really know your glitch, and should never stop composing music. I for one have came to a conclusion though ^^ You know how you are so complex? Always speaking through riddles? I used to do that, but I have realized something, good sir. "Words are mere communication, truth is an encoded message" Meaning, that words were ment for us to communicate with each other, when it comes to truth, it is based off your mind's essence, not one's education. If a particular individual doesn't understand it, so be it. The subconscious will most definately pick it up, which is the idea I wish to bare close to me. Can complexity be a new way of showing people the enlightened form of life? Truth has been buried by alot of wannabes, no faces, quitters, liars, dreaders,siphoners,destroyers,stealer s,etc. So speaking in an archaic sense might distribute our keen senses through an abnormal form of connection between the traces we leave behind for every word we speak from our heart. I hope you know by now, that yes. I am AphoticNoumenon, and yes. I changed my name even more. Just though I would comment on yet another great song that makes you ''think'' regardless of all the noises it creates. Keep composing music my good friend, you truely open the deep side of me more and more, every song is knocking all the tiny aspects of the real me I hid long ago, due to a harsh childhood. I wish you great luck, and prosper energy to help you keep going. I will always admire your songs as the elements of a key to my safe.
5/5 10/10 Until then, farewell.
- Empyreal Vis -

Lapse responds:


this is good, really good,

this describes me very well. and im not saying depressed, i mean solem, and independent. make more please :)

Lapse responds:

Thanks for listening. I'm glad it finds you :)
I've plenty more tracks.


This makes me want to dance gracefully and showing how I feel about the world.
Flowing notes, closing my eyes to try and imagine the world at a slow pace.

I love your music, it always make me want to dance in harmony with the melody. ^ ^

Lapse responds:

Thank you, again. You're reviews are welcomed. I enjoy reading them. It's good to hear that I can make you want to move. I enjoy imagining the slow unnoticeable moving things of the world, sped up.

Glitchy beauty!

I love your use of glitch and your heavenly piano and string sounds!! :)

I closed my eyes, and could clearly put myself in the car, watching the rain hitting the windows and flying off...

Did I mention that I love that great glitchy sound? :)

Lapse responds:

Thanks for the review, Floyd

I'm glad you enjoy this and it can bring you to its intended place, or otherwise.

The glitch sound is good, aye. :D

My Generic Comment

This is good because I can relate to it kind of because sometimes when I look out of the passenger side in my car I kind of think of my perfect place and this music fits it just right.

Lapse responds:

Very good.

Glad you like.