Reviews for "Broil Meats Grill"


Wow, This is amazing! what program did you use to make this song?

tydiggy responds:

pro tools

Wow D:


that's why I rate this song with 5 awesomepoints :3

tydiggy responds:

ill drink your awesomejuice


This is one bad ass fu$#ing song. Keep them coming.!

tydiggy responds:

oh there will be blood

i mean more

Keep 'em coming!

SM, RBF, LTJ, and now FNB? Looks like there's a fourth leader for the fourth wave! Also dude, check your inbox I PM'd you

tydiggy responds:

one can only hope sir

and i pm'd you back just now ;]


This is my first time listening to ska? And i would have thought you guys were already on a label XD. I just wanted to let u know that you guys have just opened me up to a whole new genre of music. I hope to see more songs by you guys

P.S. I made this account just to comment on your song XD

tydiggy responds:

woah! thanks dude thats sweet as hell!

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