Reviews for "Broil Meats Grill"

You might get me into ska with this one.

I don't listen to much ska to be honest and i'm not saying i don't like it cause i do it's just not a top tier genre for me but regardless of my genre preferences i absolutely loved this song it was very upbeat and the vocals went perfect with the melody and it gave me a happy feeling just listening to it plus the quality was great too,overall you did an excellent job on this happy go lucky song of yours. =D

tydiggy responds:

woohoo thanks! download it, and make some pancakes ;]

This song is the burger to my weekend.

If Jesus Could talk he would say "HOLY JESUS TITTIES THIS SONG MADE ME CREAM" =) 5/5 10/10

tydiggy responds:

holy jesus tittes

well said sir

Sounds like Nofx.

Nice man.

tydiggy responds:

well das good huh

I have to say,


tydiggy responds:


Wow very awesome!

Simply amazing! You must have put alot of effort in this. Also, I'm just wondering if you could put the lyrics in the author comments? Not that they are hard to understand bu I like to follow lyrics by reading them... anyway it's just a suggestion don't feel rushed or anything and good job continue making awesome music.

tydiggy responds:

sure ill put em up