Reviews for "Broil Meats Grill"

oh my yes!!!

i relationship song that uses food as innuendo it may be as old as led zepplin's custard pie but this was great only one little complain was the way the vocals were delivered, it's still fuking good dude!!

Fuck yeah!

Brilliant song, reminds me of the best moments of ReelBigFish and The Forces Of Evil. Reminds me of classic 90s ska punk, and that is a very good thing

It's not 10/10 because I'd love to hear you guys play a slow more trad song but with the same vibe and spirit.... that would be awesome

Great stuff guys, really great stuff


Your sound is great.This is one of my top ten songs of all time


Love it! Such a happy song!

first time

first time ive seen a song that well deserves that first place spot, i think in the ska section ive seen like this one and one other that deserved the top spot this is just perfect :) looking forward to listening to your other stuff