Reviews for "Broil Meats Grill"

Oh my god XD

this song is not only hilarious, but also awesome. The sound is amazing, this is the kind of thing i blast in my basement with friends and we all start randomly skankin around XD. Just from the intro alone I could just feel the energy in the song. please, put up more music like this.

Oh my god this is brilliant :D

As soon as this song started playing I just felt this surge of energy thatI only get for a really awesome skank-able song, this is brilliant. Love the vocals/lyrics too. Please put up as much as you can of this stuff, with the vocals and all, it's some of the most unique awesome ska-punk I've heard in a while!


Digging the intro, the trumpet is so crisp, it's nice.
I don't care for the lyrics at all really, maybe I'll grow to love them 'cause this song is pretty awesome, as far as ska is concerned. I hear almost a blink-182 influence in it, honestly. The electric guitar is nice, really drives the song along. The drums at the beginning of the chorus are really awesome as well, love the beat. Around 2:45? Love the break down of the chorus and how it overlaps. Well done. Cute outro.

Great job man. I wrote that review as I was listening. I think I like the lyrics now (read over them first). Brilliant.

lol - you wanted a review..

lol, ok the lyrics are funny, can't deny you that.
However the instrumental beginning is a little too long. Sorry
lol, keep it up though, i lol'd.


also this song and the end was awesome and funny and someone said "French fries are not better than tots" or somthin like that so 5/5 and 10/10