Reviews for "Broil Meats Grill"


this one just made me smile cuz this is totally true. like when your thinkin' about that "one" for the most part. just kinda don't understand the fries part, but whatevs. still awesome. lol. major kudos to you guys.

tydiggy responds:

youre AWESOME :]

rofl nice

this song is a very cheerful song. its really good


tydiggy responds:

thank you sir

Totally awesome.

It's a really great song for a TV show if it were instrumental. The horns kinda seem a bit loud and fabricated. Next time try to quiet them down a bit. Other than that, it's pretty good, lyrics are good, guitars are good and the drums are spot on.

tydiggy responds:

sweet thanks, yeah i know the horns do sound very fabricated. the person we're recording them with is still learning how to record horns correctly.

so close

This is really great stuff, only thing that made it not a 10 was that the horns sounded held back a bit. I can't really think of how else to put it. But please upload more this was great.

tydiggy responds:

thanks a lot man, ill put another one of our songs up.


L:OL your body makes me scream WHHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
good song this is good music dont know why its dead

tydiggy responds:

:] :]

i dunno why its dead man. as long as reel big fish is around though i wont lose faith