Reviews for "Broil Meats Grill"


Fantastic, have you considered getting this into an album?

tydiggy responds:

we had it on our demo, but we just recorded our ep


this good

tydiggy responds:

thankee sai!

so very amazing

is this you singing?

tydiggy responds:

yeah thats my attempt at being a vocalist, Ive never sang before. my friend asked me if i wanted to start a ska band and be the vocalist. i grate fully obliged

Good stuff

Musically speaking, I'm really digging this. My only real concern is that at points the horns sound very artificial. I can't tell if they're actually synthesized, or if it's just a bit of wonky editing, or what. Definitely not a dealbreaker, and I understand it's
VERY difficult to get a really solid, genuine horn sound when recording, but as a trumpet player it just grated a bit.

Still, this one is going in my faves. You have a great sound, good job on this!

tydiggy responds:

i know what youre saying, we were the first horns ever recorded in the studio we went to. its a challenge for the band and the studio, learning how to make them sound as legit as possible. they have gotten better than our previous recordings. but those are just...bad. thanks for the input though for real

you are quite legit

this song is awesome ska is a BAMF genre.

tydiggy responds:

thanks d00d i agree, it is a bamf genre