Reviews for "Pokemon G/S Lance Battle Final"


MAH That WAS JUST AMAZINGLY AWESOME, God really cool 5/5 and 10/10

Burn7 responds:

Thanks dude, glad you thought it was JUST AMAZINGLY AWESOME!


HEADBANGING STUFF DUDE!!!!!!! Nice work man You should do all the songs from pokemon like thi.

Burn7 responds:

See, that would take forever. And time is the one thing I really don't have much of. That and talent. I'm actually running out of talent juice.


THIS MY FREIND ITS THE MOST EPIC POKEMON SONG EVER XD...i freaking Love the drums ^^ .....i need to know how to make this

Burn7 responds:

Use Sony Acid and a guitar. And Addictive Drums. And... Nintiny/Tweakbench Peach. Record, Mix, Master, Render, Post, Let the fans rejoice!


Dragonite is evolving! Badass

Burn7 responds:

Dragonite evolves? WHAT IS THIS MAGIC LIES?!


This song is perfect, better and still holding on that nostalgic value I have from the original. It's like an Epic Barrage of Pokemon, Trainers and Champions and on the end of the road is the long waited battle against Red. The Thrill that goes through you!