Reviews for "Pokemon G/S Lance Battle Final"


This is what pokemon needed! Metal to kickstart battles! This wouldve made me fight Lance and Red again and again! :DDDD Great job bro!

Burn7 responds:



it was all like dun dun dun dun dun dadunun, and i was all like ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!! and then it was all like drums, guitar, and bass, and then i was like Rahhhhhhhhhh!!!!! epic piece!

Burn7 responds:

LOL Good way to use those descriptive words!

Go, Pikachu! :D

This is a pretty interesting take on Pokemon. I was thinking that something like this couldn't be pulled off without losing its original feel, but you quickly proved me wrong -- after all, from what I remember, the battle with Lance in G/S is intense and exciting, much like the energy in this song, no?

lol, ok, I guess it wasn't the hardest connection to make :p, but the point is you did a good job. Great rhythm guitar sound, use of dynamics, and of course patience with those solo guitar takes XD

If I played guitar, I wouldn't last 10 lol.


Bravo, sir. Also, I'm sorry to see you broke your fingers D:

Burn7 responds:

Thanks, when I was first writing it my goal was to not lose the intensity of the original but to keep it varied enough so as to not get repetitive.

Solo writing is not one of my strong suits, as I'm a rhythm guitar player at heart. But melodies and harmonies come to me easily, so it's just the faster, more intense solo areas that I have serious issues with that require me to record over and over and over...

Yeah, broken fingers suck :( I think the hardest part is having to type everything with just my left hand only.

Hahahaha holy sheets!

Burn...you remind me of music Jesus and now all ive been doing is shred fingers all day because ive listened to this effing song so much in the past 2 days haha...but really youre music Jesus I heart youuuu!

Burn7 responds:

Lol... Jesus... that's pretty funny. And here, have the remastered version, it features a solo by fingerless me!

http://www.mediafire.com/?2zrnkpphz3b r3ik


this is soo epic it would make god shit himself XD favorited 10/5

Burn7 responds:

Roflol God shitting himself?! That's actually a pretty funny thought.