Reviews for "EXPGEN"


This is in reply to my review (I'm Kianis from Blackmaze) on
page nine from below as NG won't let me write a second review.
I won't be able to respond to whatever you write to this, but let
me just ease my mind:

Whoa. Are you really 19? What did I ever do to you besides
posting some critique? I actually DO think this is piece of crap and
that it together with a lot of other submissions puts the whole flash
community to shame. Crappy flashes like these are the reason
why most programmers laughs at flash, arguing it's just a 'toy'.
BUT, I didn't say that, I was only posting some critique as most other
reviewers said "this iz awsume!! lolol i vote five". So, back to my
review and your response.

First of all, no - the arrowkeys do not do the same thing as the
arrows. Holding down a key will only let me scroll four tiles, then it
stops until I release and press again. Secondly, I _do know_ what
I'm talking about. Did you even bother to check my profile?
Did you check out my games on NG? Did you check out my portfolio?
My site?

No, the 'camera' is actually jerky, try moving at high speed and
watch how the hero looks like he's thrown back when the
'camera' scrolls. This is because they are moved at different speeds.

About your tilescroller, you're full of shit. 0's being used for
'measurements in game during runtime to allow for variable
sized blocks/speeds etc'? How about one variable for tile width
and one for tile height instead of these huge strings of zeroes?
Nevertheless, even if you stay with this crappy solution you totally
miss the point of compression. You see, compressed stuff is supposed
to be decompressed before use. That is, you'd compress it and print
it to the user and then when the user pastes it again it is
decompressed before use. Do you follow?

I could probably think of a lot more to critisize on, but that's
enough for now. And as said, I won't be able to reply anymore.
Kthxbai. :)

it was retarded. worst game i've EVER played.

that was the worst video game ever.

Good idea I guess...

An interesting idea, but there wasn't really much to do I found. And all the things you could do just seemed too complicated the first time you looked at it.

So yeh, good work I guess - Keep it up :) Hope the next one is a lot better


very disappointing, try making it like you can make any type of game, create your own items, windows paint like program to create whatever and categorize it.

Nope man

Kinda sucked thing...