Reviews for "EXPGEN"


Uuuuhm.... if that's all you can think of, I ain't even trying to get the money. Gameplay is simple, no alt attacks, can't even get a gun or anything, sounds sucked arse, at least put some non midi in there thank you. Sorry but this goes in the folder dumped.

not 2 good

it need's attack move's a shop more hero's more bg's i can't say all the thing's cus i'll run out of characters. make a sequl witch is better k.


i like the idea, i like the efforts made, but i rather play quality games than those stupid old games, even if i can make them myself, and beside, if you want to make games, just recommend flash instead of... that junk


really the sound is of kirby. man bad game bad idea. the only 10 ya have is of interactivity 'cause its a game.


DUDE?! my flash thigy is a lot easier gah! i feel soo stupid nowTT_TT god seriously like put a song in the backround to make it more funner :P