Reviews for "EXPGEN"


cant acess help page... unstreamlined...just no.


Well, first of all, in the editor, you can't scroll using the keyboard, which is really annoying. It will only let you scroll a few tiles before stopping when you hold a key down. The camera was also very jerky in-game. When the character got outside of the screen he would be thrown back with a constant value and the camera shifted resulting in a very odd, jerky movement. Also, in the pre-made sonic game the hero was to wide to fall through the gaps, it looks funny. I was kind of dissapointed that there was so few tile-textures (about five? for each tileset) and only two kind of enemies? And why didn't you hook up with some cool artist (can't be too hard here on NG) to make you the graphics instead of using stolen sprites? And why oh why did you use the ng-preloader? You made this huge behemoth and then you used a pre-made preloader? Surely you must know how to make a preloader? It's like three lines of code. One final thing, the actual map-data. It's HUGE. I can't believe you're actually storing it like that! You're wasting so much space (on you're site's DB). Have you heared of RLE encoding? It would do wonders, google it! (run length encoding).

The-EXP responds:

You remind me of someone I know who knows absolutley nothign about coding, but his brother does. He always braggs about this and that, this and that without ever really knowing what the hell he's going on about, just stuff he's heard form his brother.
RLE encoding would be absolutely pointless in this scenario. The levels are stored in blocks of 14, the 0's being used for measurements in game during runtime to allow for variable sized blocks/speeds etc, so the code is constantly manipulated by the engine. Use of RLE would meannot being able to do this in real time. So here's and idea. Shut up. Reason 'camera' was jerky? cause your computer sucks.
Why use the NG preloader? 1: because its near as damn well efficient as a preloader can be. 2: its to the point - no waiting for the preloader to load. 3: This game is sponsored by newgrounds.
You can use the keys to scroll as much as you want, it does the same as the arrows. Oh noes..my sites DB can't handle a 2kb string whatever will I do in this day and age of 28k modems...

not 2 good

it need's attack move's a shop more hero's more bg's i can't say all the thing's cus i'll run out of characters. make a sequl witch is better k.

Why waste time on creating 80's gen levels?

Why? Please consider mapmaking in more advanced genres to expend your fulfilling energy to making something more useful.


Cool attemt but its kinda buggy