Reviews for "NG Sketchbook Tour 06"

Excellent Job By All

Wasn't expecting to see it actually in the PORTAL of all things... thought it'd get its own section in the Literature section or something...

Anyhow, bar the fact that the nav isn't searchable (very minor niggle there), it's all been put together well. Oh, and the content's nigh incredible (though my entry is still fairly poor in relation to some of the other work in there).

Next time I think we'll all have to pitch in for the costs of it... :)

Very nice

But, I have a question...what the fuck is up with I-Mockery? Was he just kidding? He wasn't really being such a little bratty bitch about the brown paper, right?

Luis responds:

We'll never know... You'll have to PM him and ask him.. Either way I thought it was the perfect way to start off the book.

Very creative idea

You did a really good job putting this together, I've never seen something like this. Nice originality. However, Jose Ortiz's age says 81, and that seems a little old. Haha, go check that out, I think you meant 18.


Wow this is really cool how lots of people from around the globe can come together to do this, the art work was really good (:S i wish i could draw that good), But i would love to see it in its real form, But it was still very nice to see it. Thank you.


I remember I used to visit NG back in '06 but never had an account. Wonder if anyone knew Luis, PhyscoGoldfish and Mindchamber were gonna be admins back then.