Reviews for "NG Sketchbook Tour 06"

oh heck yes its done!

i can't believe it's finally done! i'm pretty bummed that i didn't contribute to this work of art. some of my favorite flash artists took place in this, it's awesome! great work from everyone, some pretty funny stuff. i feel like i should write a long in depth review for every piece, but alas i don't have the reviewing attention span to handle such a thing :P some background music would have been nice, but meh, im still happy. i really liked the atributes feature, pretty sweet :) anyways, im no good at reviewing... but great work from everyone :D


I'm happy this turned out great... I wanted to get into it badly, but I sadly am only 14 and my dad doesn't really give a crap what I have to mail xD

Anyways, this was great. I'm sure It'll be on the frontpage, just because of how... erm... historic it is. Lol. And not to be an ass, but you kinda misspelled "Affiliate"...lol

GAH! How come I wasn't aware of this?

Ohhh... If I had known about this project then I would have definitely participated. I'm quite an artist myself I'll have you know. Despite that, I enjoyed the superb sketches of others. I was actually awe-struck by many of them because of their absolute brilliance and talent. Looks like I'll have to wait until next year, oh pity. NEXT YEAR MAN! YOU JUST WAIT!

Beautiful work from everyone.

And I thought I was good at drawing... if only I could draw as well as that. Maybe I should have a go and get upstaged next year... Anyway great work guys and congrats to all those who took part.

go dim,krinkles and afro ninja...

and rubber ninja,tom fulp and im about done alout of these artists sucked but this rocked!