Reviews for "NG Sketchbook Tour 06"

I liked it.

Nice pictures and stuff. I didn't took the time to read the first letter though :P

Thats some excellent pictures.

Everything is really good but what's up with the nigga comment??


I want to congratulate everyone who did this project and Luis especially for putting it together. It's great to see so many users of Newgrounds pulling together to create something like this as a community. There is no doubt that the sketchbook is filled with an amazing standard of artwork. I am actually surprised that you pulled it off and shows how little faith I have in this community but I am really glad that I've been wrong.

I can't wait until the next sketchbook tour comes around. Save me a page Luis :D

Wow... I mean... WOW!

I would've loved to be one of the artists featured there dude! ^_^ Any chances of there being another?


u shud include hw the diff ppl drew their artwork because one by -cheshirepus- is really amazing and i really wonder whether he drew it. becoz if he did, go and me an artist dude, or maybe he is ald. lol x)

i lurv the idea of this sketchbook tour, maybe u could hav a clothes peg tour or smth .haha. those wooden one i mean. tt u cud draw on. better than paper, too common.