Reviews for "Doom - Inferno"

good stuff

it was a fun watch, both episodes, but maybe add a little more story other than that still very cool


I can see you have been working on this, and it's great. Only thing is: there isn't any specific point in seeing this. It may be I didn't notice it, but I saw no story. Only a guy running around killing people and so on. I haven't played alot of Doom,(so excuse me for not knowing) but wasn't there a story to the series? I can see why hardcore fans of Doom would see this, though, but if you work some more on the story on future fan movies, there will probably be more people enjoying. It isn't bad, but it's lacking what I think is the most important.

LilDwarf responds:

You've got a point there, but the original Doom story didn't have much of a story :P It was just killing demons and such. I do focus on a story, generally and think it's very important. Thanks for the review, nonetheless.

Mehhh, not very Doom-ey

Oh well, since you cheesed up Doom, you'll get a minus from me. One of the biggest flaws was that stuff like that wouldn't happen in Doom - shooting a Rocket Launcher close would almost kill you, falling in lava would hurt (almost kill) you.....and where did jumping come from? Anyway some of the music you used sucked, actually. I'm really picky with the Doom series, because it's one of the best out there. Details are critical here. Here's my report:
~7 on Graphics, because I always prefer the 95 version - you can't stop me and that's final. It's a more classical feel is all.
~5 on Style - Originality went missing ..
~4 on Sound, read above. Also, at the end, the Pig Demon doesn't make that sound. Though I like the narration, nice job there.
~4 on Humor (counts as entertainment) Even though you did a good rendition of a 3D aspect of what it would be like, the part when he meets the Mancubus (is that right?) just killed the feeling. You don't just jump-slice something with a chainsaw, that's so movie-like! Not to mention corny.
Though I understand a lot of people like the stuff you did, I saw it done too many times fo my own good. I'd also like to note that the thing where you go from 3rd to 1st person view is pretty cool. Only nothing dies in one hit from a punch (unless you got the Berserk box) so work on the reality a bit. Not to say it sucked extreme, I judge this with crucial thought. Maybe this'll help, I don't know and I don't actually care. Here's my two cents, use it wisely.
Keep up the good work, just don't work on Doom. Try harder and stay Awesome!


LilDwarf responds:

omfg it's a tribute movie -_-. If every sprite movie out there were to be exactly like the game, none would be as humorous or entertaining as there are now. That's what these are intended to do - create a world of the game that you would never see in the real game.

For the river part, I interpreted that river as River Styx (though it isn't) which is a river in hell, that supposedly gives superhuman powers to those that touch it or jump into it. That is why he kills the guys with one punch. Besides that, the exact same river in the game didn't kill you when you touched it ;P What do you mean the 95 version? Doom 95? I wanted to have a more variety of Demons to kill. Just that.

Finally, every sound came from the respective demon. If you think the sound the pig demon didn't come from it, you're not the fanboy you think you are. (the sound is labeled "SDDMACT" DM being Demon and the SD is nothing relevant since it's on the same place in every sound :)) Besides that thanks for the review.


WTF!!!! The Mancubus' were not in the first DOOM you did this at the end of the last one too! 5 for soiling the good name of DOOM and only 5 due to the fact that this is DOOM related!!!!


I didn't like how you put a Mancubus into this particular series. Considering it made its first appearance in the series during Doom II. Another thing I didn't like was how the boss enemies turned out to be complete wussies. You could have made it better by making the boss fight actually look like a boss fight not a simple rocket in the head.