Reviews for "Doom - Inferno"

Nice job.

This started off a little slowly but it got interesting pretty quickly. Nice animation. The graphics on the close-ups got a little pixelated, but not so badly that I didn't enjoy the film. Didn't seem like there was too much of a story line for most of it, even considering it was Doom, but random carnage is always good, too. I liked the cut to the first-person view... that worked well. The music worked well with the movie, too. Nice ending. A little predictable, but still great.

Good job overall!

LilDwarf responds:

Lol thanks alot :)) It's pixelated because I lowered the Jpeg's quality down ALOT to lowere the size :P Thanks for the review ^__^


good summary of the game i guess nice work

LilDwarf responds:

Hehehe thanks d('-'d)

Better than the Movie.

I think your set of shorts was actually better than the Doom film.

Still, I think this is the weakest of your three. The narration at the end wasn't as good as the other two and I think the story fell a little flat.

I think you were trying to go for an action packed ending, running through Hell and felling deamons in your way, but it wasn't fast enough. It was good though.

LilDwarf responds:

Hahaha better than the film :P Anyways, you MIGHT be right....I think the second one is somewhat better because it's darker and sets an excellent mood, but the animation and other techniques on this one are way better. IMO, they are on par. Thanks for the review.

Its ok..

It was the first doom flash Ive ever seen. The graphics could've been better, and the voice-overs were kinda lame (the narration at the end). Pretty good killin.. I mean violence. The 1st person part was ok, but some cool moves in first person (ripping head of demon off) would've made it better. Good cliff-hanger, cant wait for the sequal.

LilDwarf responds:



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