Reviews for "Doom - Inferno"


It would have been nice if the Doom marine would have talked or at least talk shit to all the enemies he killed. Whit a ended like that you must be making a sequel? Overall I thought this was a good flash and would like to see more! 4/5

LilDwarf responds:

Thankd for the 4 :P If you want more, you can see shores of hell or knee deep in the dead.

Great movie!

Iwas playing doom a little while ago and I noticed there was a fourth chapter. I don't remember the end though. It said something about making them pay for what they did to his pet rabbit Daisy and next "hell on Earth.Are you planning on making a movie of that or is it in progress or have younever seen it?

LilDwarf responds:

Yeah, that's "Thy Flesh Consumed"


Spirtty Doom action, hehe, lots of blood and violence, I love it. One of the best Doom animations I've watched, and the music fits in perfectly as well, though it would have been nice with the classic Doom music. Anyhow, keep up the good work!


LilDwarf responds:

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it, stay tuned for the next chapter coming soon!

Good Movie Great Series!

Great series you got I am a doom fan and its good to see an animated storyline of doom. Anyway is there any chance of making the final chapter Thy Flesh Comsumed?

Anyway hope to see some more in the future

I loved all these movies, i have a question tho, are you ever gonna do "thy flesh consumed" or "Doom 2"?

LilDwarf responds:

Oh I'd love to. I started Thy Flesh Consumed over a year ago, but I was not satisfied with how it was turning out :S I still have the .fla I started, and even the recordings from my voice actor, so the parts are there for me to continue. I'd really love to make it happen, but lately I don't have much time to make flash animations as I used to :( But maybe I can pick it up again one of these days and eventually finish it :)