Reviews for "Doom - Inferno"

top of the line

thsi could easylly get front page but i really liked it

LilDwarf responds:


do you know that im a fan of Doom since i was a

i love doom,thaz all.
you done your work very well and this is a nice tribute for the most famous saga of videogame world...the first....:P

LilDwarf responds:

Thanks a lot :D :D I just wish Tom would make a Doom collection now >_>


failure for that guy! XD lol he just lost earth and everything he loved on it! XD

Excellent Doom series

This was an awesome conclusion of this Doom series of yours,it got off to a cool start when the guy faced that fat demon and i also loved the song you put in when the guy went crazy killing all those demons,as for the end it couldn't be any better due to the fact he fought the last boss in the actual Doom game also the end message was funny too so overall i enjoyed this Doom series very much,excellent job.


whats the music during credits

LilDwarf responds:

"Navras" from The Matrix Revolutions