Reviews for "Doom - Inferno"

So good!

I remeber watching the others in your doom series. This was cool because of all the things you usualy do not get playing doom! When do you think that the next part will be out or are you going to stop?

LilDwarf responds:

I don't think I'm gonna make another but who knows! Maybe I change my mind...

Doom STILL deserves a section, don't you agree?

I absolutly loved it! Nice way to end this series, though i was expecting that bunny head on the stick >=).

Still, A Doom section is needed.

I'll be making a Doom flash, Your a big inspiration. =D

Thanks for this awesome movie! =D

LilDwarf responds:

Wow thanks alot! :D I'm happy t seethat you agree with the Doom section thing. I'm also flattered to be an inspiration for your future Doom submission. Send me a PM when it's done so I can check it out.


this is unbilievable .... GREAT !!!! 10/10 .... wish there where more

LilDwarf responds:

Thanks..there will be more, I promise ;)

Wow,that was awsome

That´s a great flash! Make more of this awsome good shit!

alittle question: what´s the song at the end

LilDwarf responds:

It's Navras from Matrix Revolutions


Good animation,good graphics.Awesome!And "FPS" scene is brilliant!