Reviews for "Doom - Inferno"

The best yet

Even though I'm sure it's been recommended before, you should create a flash for Hell on Earth. The rest of these flashes have been really good, and one for Hell on Earth would definitely be a good one to make. As always, keep up the good work.

LilDwarf responds:

I think I'll make a final one in a while :) Thanks.

Another great episode!

That was even better than the first! Didn't think that was possible! Anyways, you should totally make another one! Or is there one already?

LilDwarf responds:

Thanks :) This is the last one I've done so far :P

do you know that im a fan of Doom since i was a

i love doom,thaz all.
you done your work very well and this is a nice tribute for the most famous saga of videogame world...the first....:P

LilDwarf responds:

Thanks a lot :D :D I just wish Tom would make a Doom collection now >_>

another kickass doom movie ^_^

That was cool I just wished the weapons in the game would kick more ass like they did in this flash movie!

a plasma gun 1 shotting a chain gunner.... yea right..

LilDwarf responds:

Thanks :D That's what flash movies are for - making a world of the game that you'd like to see.

Must have been a chore to make!

This ( and your other Doom flashes) are some of the best Doom flashes I've seen. Also I must commend you for actually making doom sprites work together so fluidly and robustly. You sir are a great Flash artist and I thank you for allowing us the honor of seeing these kind of flashes! Huzzah!

LilDwarf responds:

:D I'm honored you think of me as a great flash artist. It's comments like those that make all these worth doing. Thanks alot!