Reviews for "Doom - Inferno"

Oldschool Shizzle

I like this just because it brings back the old days of Mountain Dew and endless nights of demon slaying, ohh, and running agianst walls and holdint the action button to find all of the secret doors, heh, good job, humans Own.

LilDwarf responds:

Hahaha yeah, that's pretty much how I made this. Staying up all night with some Monster energy drink :3


Once again...no mancs in Ultimate...and once again, oh well. Still very kewl. The 1st-person thing was pretty cool too, but we've all done that before, shoot a demon in the back of the head, besides, pinkies suck!!!!

Overall, a very good flash.

LilDwarf responds:

Hehe ok, thanks alot!

You Rule Dude!

your series is awesome! i hope your colab goes well
i liked the ending too lol

LilDwarf responds:

Thanks! I gotta work on my parts lol I'm sooooooooo late :P
I liked the ending, too ;)


what else can i say except i wish there was more i always like the old doom and always will haha i forgot taht giant brainspider thing was the final boss just shows how long its been since ive played the old school doom

LilDwarf responds:

yeah, Doom is always going to be a classic.

i liked it a lot

i thought it was a great movie. Ive been playing doom since a very young age. i can't remember how old though. I think the only monster you didn't use were those big red faliming balls that would blow up when you shot them.

was that real game footage?(after the guy wlaks around) It didn't look like it because none of the monsters were being aggressive.

LilDwarf responds:

No, all of this came from my mind.