Reviews for "K&K - Battlefront"


Se on arka jotta hiippakunta aito luoja -lta moinen hienosti musiikki lopuksi olemassaolo hyväksyä. Mieluinen jotta NG , ja we odottaa te harus ylin.


Guess Turmion speaks Finnish? Did you use a dictionary, ebecause the translation comes out crappy, please I hateyou2007, you don't speak Finnish, so stop.

Anyways, nice song.

Your work is godly

You do such amazing work, I love it, wonderful! I love your stuff, I just turn it on while I am programming and I work so much better. What programs do you use? You do some amazing stuff..


u did awesomeman and thats all i can say

Great Song

Every time I hear this song, a giant battle pops into my head, and one side is being slaughtered but then at the end of the song, great warriors come and win the war for the losing side.