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Reviews for "K&K - Battlefront"

You make Mozart look like a hack.

It's true!

Edgen responds:

hurmmm. :\ Not sure what to say about that. /justin

Very Cool. I like it.

It's very epic. I like it. I don't know what else to say about it other than it's good. Can I ask how long it took to make this? And what equipment you used?

Your work is godly

You do such amazing work, I love it, wonderful! I love your stuff, I just turn it on while I am programming and I work so much better. What programs do you use? You do some amazing stuff..


ive litsened to most of your songs, they are all awesome...how do you do the drum effects they are sweet!!

Edgen responds:

thank you! The drums are from various sample libraries. Sometimes you just gota mix and match and chop and hack them together :)


It's great to finally be giving someone a 10/10 for music that is rightfully his. Well done edgen, I look forward to many more songs from you and possible from others.-mrStrike

Edgen responds:

Thank you for your support mrStrike. It just sucks that I found this place through such bad circumstances. Its a fantastic place for people to showcase their work, and if there's any way I can help those people out, I will. One day I'd hope they'd return the favor.