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Reviews for "K&K - Battlefront"

Just awesome! :O

Very very awesome work! Do you use actual orchestras or programs to make the music? (I use finale and FLstudio, but looks like I need to start looking into other ways of writing music!)

You are an awesome film composer! ;) Have you written for many movies? :O

Now I have another composer to look up to! ^_^ Great job and I can't wait to see more of your works!

good during battle scenes.

it's pretty good. i might use it in a movie of mine.

Again, Amazing

OMG, WOW. Again you amaze me with your work. I have never seen such good work as yours. You kill all other artists except for a select few. Now for the full review:
The drums are great along with all of the other percussion instruments. The bells are awesome. The melody of the song is diversive and interesting. The song is exciting and would be great for a film. It shows that you work hard. Great Job. Hope the rest of your works turn out this good.

This is awesome

Your music is awesome downloaded a couple of them


Wow this is what I've been looking for to add into a few of my flashes and show my friends and all. Dude this is just sweet. I don't know if you'd allow it but i'd love to use this in a few things I'm dong.

Edgen responds:

Hole In Da Wall... Thanks! ya, feel free to use it for your project and send me a link when its finished! Looking forward to checking your work. /justin