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Reviews for "-Telepath RPG Chapter 1-"


I liked the game play but one thing is not very good and that thing is the story line... but i liked to play the game

make another one =)

MalTheDestroyer responds:

Thanks for the review. But what's wrong with the storyline? (Except for the endings, which aren't really endings since this is only Chapter 1.)

nice one m8

been a while since i played a half decent RPG on here. You get a 10 for style because i love RPG games. I found the game about average difficulty you know? it wasnt to hard, but not too easy either. The sneaking thing well...some people jus like to ush through, whereas i actually took my time, and got through the camp on about the 3rd or 4th try, so its really not that hard. Its areally good game though m8, maybe an extra spell or two, and i never did figure out how to get up 2 of the 4 stats....The interactivity score was lowish because you couldnt equip items, interact with enviroments etc...but overall it was pretty good. I give this game an overall 7, because its good, but there is a little room for improvement...did i mention thats its also quite addictive :P

MalTheDestroyer responds:

Heh, thanks for the feedback. I'm glad you liked it. ;-)

nice one =P

Well unlike all the other people I like what you've done. I like that you have to have some stats to get certain things.

I find it rather funny when someone else is trying to play and can't figure out why they can't get this. (i.e. my brother xD)

I like that you can buy levels. Just killing things for levels gets soooo boring and just bores me until I kinda wanna quit. (I do still play them just not straight for hours like some)

I like that you can save and the gambling guy is there... it gives us lazy people a chance to see what the games like without spending a nice amount of time on it. (there's no pvp or highscores so why not?)

The sneaking was just fine. Some people are just rather... stupid lol. The people move slowly and you can see they're line of vision so you don't NEED to see more or see through shadows. (or whatever sense to know when they're coming that some guy said.) Even if you can't see them you merely return to the beginning so who cares if you get caught? And they have an easy to remember path so you'll eventually get it. STOP COMPLAINING lol.

I like pyroblast. It would be kinda nice if there was a little someting extra though. I also like the other ability (brain fart!). If something deals a REALLY nice hit to you... you can do it back... and heal back that health. Great spell and very original I think.

I didn't like that you didn't fight the last guy in this chapter.... very annoying.... I really wanna kick his a** lol. But overall great game and GET THE NEXT CHAPTER OUT... lol.

MalTheDestroyer responds:

I wouldn't say that you're unlike ALL the other people here in liking what I've done: I see more than just a couple of 9s and 10s lurking around. ;-) But anyway, thank you! That was a very well-considered review, and I do appreciate that you didn't spend any of it whining.


It's ridiculous trying to get through that stupid camp, I tried for an hour and yet no matter how close I got one always spotted me, whoever wrote the walkthrough got lucky on that part because I tried his method for half an hour and it's crap. I like the idea of the game, combat's good, but I hate that stupid stealth part. If you make a sequel, leave that out and stick to something you're good at.

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