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Reviews for "-Telepath RPG Chapter 1-"


Awesome, and very original!!


You used the word defenestrate, that is awesome i didn't think anyone knew that word. I just can't get over that but aside from that i had a lot of fun yay! Defenstrate.
I sense trees!!!!


I love it, RPG's like this don't come around often! So many things I like about this game, but I wanna get back to playing! Right now i'm about to attempt to fight the boss in the tent, Nector or Noctor, after killing Shadowlings for gold to upgrade myself...Hope I win! ^_^

P.S. voted 5


Ummm... i guess some people would like it but i thought it was pretty average.

MalTheDestroyer responds:

You're right. Now Hentai Bliss RPG, on the other hand--THAT'S a classic!

That was sarcasm. Run along, now.

Ummm wow

I didn't play to much of this game to say it was good so to me thats how bad it was. It isn't like any other rpg I have played because the other rpgs I played were good.

MalTheDestroyer responds:

I didn't read too much of your review. It was unlike any other review I have read, because those other reviews involved reasoning above a 2nd-grade level.

Seriously, you need to actually play the game before you go around leaving stupid reviews. Otherwise, you're just wasting everyone's time.