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Reviews for "-Telepath RPG Chapter 1-"

telepath rpg 2 alpha

I couldnt find a place to comment on your web site so im commenting here. it was an all around good game but there was a bug with sprinting. it wouldnt let u sprint to the north east diagonaly

getting to the leader tent

how do u get past the two gaurds standing at the leaders tent???
i cant figure it out

MalTheDestroyer responds:

This is answered in the FAQ at SinisterDesign.net

Pretty good but too short

Everything about this game was good. I actually liked it a lot.

Only problem was that it felt unfinished. Items you cant buy, cant really level up, abrupt ending....I know how long these things take but it would have been 10x better imo with a little more work. I know its just chapter 1 but still..

Overall pretty good though...If it were a full length game id buy it.

THIS GAME ROCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111 1!

This was the greeatest flash I have ever played. period.I'm shure the sound was better but my comp.'s busted.really great storyline and stuff. The only setback was that you never got to see the dudes face. need's more violence to. other than those I loved the game


NICE GAME!!! Loved this game. Dident like the fact that you could only the top of your persons head. Other than that, the graphix we pretty good. I though that it was a little too hard to get past all those people to get to the tent though. took me almost 20 minets to get past that alone. I also realized that if you do not have any friends, after you "save" you borther from the tent, that no one will ask you to put on the bracelet. Next time you should have more spells to use though. Other than those lil problem i found, this game rocked! keep up the good work dude