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Reviews for "-Telepath RPG Chapter 1-"


That was very good, it kept me inetrseted enough to play through the whole thing... then 2 more times. but btw dont even listen to the assholes putting out reviews saying its a harry potter rip off or anything else, I personally think its totally original, and that you did a great job. I look forward to the next chapter.

Good fun, some issues

Good fun, first of all. The first issue I would have is that the skills are uneven, pyroblast and feedback are much more expensive than their effects warrant. The summons typically are also not worth it. It's just nice to have multiple viable combat styles. As has been said, more variety in the sprites would be nice, and it does look a bit strange when you run.
Also, while it was okay here, I can see having to always go back somewhere to raise your stats getting old really quickly. I don't know how you could fit that storywise, maybe a psychic link to your tutors that you can open up anywhere you can save? That does make paying for it with gold seem a bit odd though. Well, I'm sure you'll figure out something.
It is kind of amusing that you can improve your battle skills but never get any better at learning or making friends. It at least makes it clear which stats to focus on in creation.
I am disappointed that you would criticize Harry Potter without ever having read them or seen the movies, since that's exactly what you seem so upset at people doing to your game. A bit hypocritical. Also seems a shame to let something as silly as elitism keep you away from something so enjoyable.
Arguing with every rude person on the internet is... well let's count them... yeah, there's a lot of them, you're never going to have to time to program like that, which would be a shame. Or maybe you can multitask better than I can. In any case, pity to become rude yourself when dealing with them.
Thanks for the game.

MalTheDestroyer responds:

Thank you for the thoughtful and well-considered review. As an aside, I will merely say that it takes very little time at all to respond to thoughtless, nasty reviews--Telepath RPG Chapter 2 is coming along right on schedule in spite of my refusal to suffer fools gladly. ;)

good game

it's a cool game. i got to the end once, but now i play it again i don't like it so much anymore... still, it's a cool game :O why u all say it sucks? i liked it alot

Looked nice but...

This is a comment you should never forget! On the internet are many people all over the world... So far not everyone uses the qwerty keyboard. I, for example, use an Azerty keyboard so all the controlls are inverted! With other words: unplayable! Keep this in mind for your next game and all you developpers who read this!

Great But Hard

The only thing stopping this 'Harry Potter' copy from getting a higher star rating is the fact that it gets too difficult and makes you want to give up. Great game so far though!