Reviews for "-Telepath RPG Chapter 1-"


The concept isnt too bad, but this games has some issues. First time i tried, i was broke and couldnt get any more money (asked the guys, he said "Ur not broke"!! so the game was stuck because i couldnt pay the $10 dollar fee to leave the basement.
Second try i got owned by the sentrys, third try i abused Save/load function by making like 2000$ with bets, having to reload everytime i lost money.
So, even fully pimped it took me 10 tries trying to avoid the sentries, until i realized what a waste of time it really is. Way to hard man!

a little too hard for my taste

i only just started the game, and the basic creatures give me quite a bit of difficulty...


way harder than i remember. the second one is WAY better. this one is good to. but in this one personality and aptitiude are to important.

hes too hard

the guy in the tent is imposible to beat!make him a little easier.

The game is awesome :D

but i can't pass the 2 guards to get to the chief plz help or send me the walkthrough or information to help thank you for your consideration and the game is great :D