Reviews for "[game tutorial]"

Er... no, just.. no

Ok, the first thing is you SERIOUSLY need to learn more actionscript, second is never use public bitmaps as backgrounds.

The platformer tutorial was terrible. The engine royally sucked. two things about it. You should NOT have to hold up to get to your max jump. And second is that you should NEVER animate enemies. Always try and script their movements for two reasons: 1. It is much easier to copy and paste enemies that are scripted because they will REACT to their surroundings 2. Animating enemies limit's your possibilities. You can only have them going back and forth, no AI or anything... Try harder next time, or if you won't, don't try, hope this helped, chow...

that was very helpful

that was very help full and very cool at the same time and it had very good style i thought me alot and was interatcivty and user freindly at the same time i hope you make more of thes and also i hope this is here when my parents buy me flash pro8 on my brithday thank you and good luck

good work



sorry, but it was just boring. it might help someone who's starting to learn flash, but it's really just kinda pointless. Also, you can't return to the main menu once you click on something. My favorite part was the cool target cursor. better luck next time.


... you call that expert's blood? Then you need to seriously take a look at the alltime top flashes at the portal my friend.