Reviews for "[game tutorial]"



It was okay.

I was making a platform game, so I used your tutorial and I must have been doing something wrong but I read through your tutorial over 500 times and my game still didn't work so I had to go to another one . Unless i suck that bad at action scripting =/.

Flashmovieboy responds:

Everyone who notice errors in my tutorial's actionscript, please post them here.maybe i can fix it


it will help people who are clueless to action script

Flashmovieboy responds:

Yes, most people draw one-coloured blood and i teach two-coloured blood making.Platform part was the hardest because so much writing was there.thanks to all and remember i read every rewiew you write.so continue writing rewiews.but [game tutorial] 2 comes later because my next project isn't it.thanks to all and i hope you learn something


Thats a pretty sweet tutorial. And your only 13 good work. The only thing im gonna suggests is to explain what u know about the AS. But great job!

...GOOD JOB...

Well, I like how you tried to make a tutorial flash more interesting. :) I like the demo's that you had in this tutorial; that was a good idea. Also, I like the option to turn the muisc on/off, and if something went wrong, you cna lookat a seperate page. You probably could have had better style, adn graphics, though I realize this is just a tutorial flash. :)