Reviews for "Redwood's Furnace"

YAY! Sounds great!

Love your music dude!

You have an incredible sense of rythmnnsmnsmnsmns. This piece in particular is making me feel really chill. Even though the beat is repetitive it doesn't sound bad at all, you make this really work 110.1%!

Come and work with us again sometime!... Well besides with robot day...


SHADOWFOX2 responds:

I'd love to work with the AuraCrew again on many other things in the future
I was thrilled to work with Jeinu on the last submission and loved the outcome :]

Redwood is supposed to be the more calmer of the two I have so far
More for chilling by the fireside chatting about how nice your fireplace looks or working on somethin'
I think good repetition was my aim for this one here, but I'm glad you think I made it work 8D

Robot Day here we come, alright, YEAH, OKAY....LOL
Thanks for stoppin' by Tarienn :]

Ignore the two reviews below

If you took music advice from them, it would imply that more chords = better music. Good music has nothing to do with that. You can repetitive music sound awesome, like you did here.


SHADOWFOX2 responds:

Well I try to take everyone's voice into consideration
They thought enough of me to leave feedback, no matter how helpful it was or not

I do agree that it was repetitive and I'm trying to get outta that, but deadlines happen and I've also heard/have some pretty good repetitive music.
Thanks for your thoughts :]

Ehhhh...coulda had more chord changes...

Yeah, bro, go nuts with chord changes as long as they sound good. If I had to make a metaphor between this song and something else, it would be a small cake with icing dumped all over it and sculpted into a girl. I mean, sure, a girl, but where's the main event - the cake? Anyways. I didn't like it too much, and others probably didn't like it either.

SHADOWFOX2 responds:

I dunno maaaaaaan you and the guy below seem to be sitting by yourselves so far

As unique as your metaphor is, I don't eat cake anyways haha (but I get it)
But on a serious note, although you probably don't care, I was given less than a day to do it.
Sure I wanted to put more into it, different changes than the melody that lasts the entire track.
However, everything I tried sounded like the changes I made in Sunspot.
I refuse to just toss random chords in a track because it "sounds good".
If it doesn't fit my vision, it's not goin' in.

Besides, the track was already longer than Sunspot, and it was more background music for a game, soooooo you'd only need to get the mood of the music while you were doing what you were supposed to be doing.

With all that hullabaloo said, thanks for your opinion yo :]


I'm gonna be honest with you.
The very fact that the entire 3:40 song consisted of only two chords looping over and over again, made the song extremely boring. Even though you've tried to spice it up with some fancy beats and creative hornsections, nothing changes the fact that the entire song lacks build ups, bridges, choruses and breaks. Sorry man, but this just ain't good music.

SHADOWFOX2 responds:

Thanks d00d :]


I think it's time to call 1-800-fan-friggin-tastic!!!!

While it is repetitive most of the time, it's really great, and I like it a lot!

You did a good job, and every time I hear this song I think of Gran Tourismo.

Keep up the good (or should I say AWEXOME) work!

SHADOWFOX2 responds:

That sounds like a long distance call :]
It looks like the long deserved poudin' of repetition is at my door.
I was going to do more to this, but I had a deadline to meet with the game, so this is all ya got
Gran Turismo huh? I've seen that before in a comment a few reviews down; whateva gets your gears shiftin'!