Reviews for "Redwood's Furnace"

Definitely a theme for a game character

I don't know if you've ever played the game, but remember Sonic Adventure 2? Knuckles had a theme song for his character; the music was so-so, and the lyrics just was atrocious. This song would fit in perfectly with his character. No words needed.

I was wondering if you could use this same creativity, and make up remixes for classic Sonic the Hedgehog songs?

SHADOWFOX2 responds:

I'd always thought this was more of a theme for a place than a person, but what you said sounds up my alley of interest

I remember Knuckles' theme from the first SA more than the second, but I wasn't paying attention to lyrics.
Now that I've listened to both, LMAO at the rapper in the first one
For the second one, I'm torn between trying to understand the rapper and the singer going at the same time. That probably explains why my 11 year old self gave up and went with the story

Back to you though, I definitely could remix and remake Sonic music :]
The only thing is, I don't think I would go through with it anytime soon unless I was paid to do so
Thanks for stoppin' byyyyyyy

ooh,, this is swellll

this is a great piece of music with tons of fresh and fun elements.
it's got a lighthearted, cartoony feel but a sophisticated instrumentation and real catchy groove to make for some great electro-funk (if you can call it that).
I love the muted trumpet (?) paired with the brass chords, the smooth rhodes keys, vibraphones, boomy bass, and processed beats and vocal samples.
Sure, their could be more subtle changes in the chord progressions and the main melody, but the sequencing of the individual riffs were masterful and flowing throughout. Any more drastic developments and I'm not sure how well this would work for a menu/selection theme.
If that was what you were going for that is- I definetly think this would work perfectly during a scene with rotating cars, selecting various funky paint schemes and off-the-wall special powerups.
Aside from that, I can't think of any criticisms for this track. Great, crisp and clean mixing as well, and LOTS of energy to get the user pumped up for the race ahead!
I have to ask out of curiosity- how much of this track is made with loops and how much of the riffs are programmed? It doesnt matter either way as the sounds you incorporated were put together very creatively. Keep up the style and stay original!
I should probably use more line breaks lol

SHADOWFOX2 responds:

Whoa time to sit down by the fireside for this review :]
Electro-funk eh? Never heard that one before, but considering what it is, I can't disagree!
Sunspot and Redwood were both made for a game in which you customize your vehicle in some...sort of a menu!
But you're right, I didn't want too much action and dynamics in mood or else it would defeat the settings I wanted to convey.

I agree with you again, along with cazok and Ozzy, I should've put more into it, but I was drawin' blanks.
I really did mean to change up those vocal samples I really did!
I also had more planned out for this thing, but the idea wasn't complete and the deadline was rolling up; I didn't want the game to go with just one track!
The track was already 3:30 long, so I took what I had and stopped and didn't touch it again.
Who knows, this track may go through a revision in the future if I remake some tracks.

Eventually all of them loop, as if they didn't you'd be guessing forever what mood was intended for this piece.
You pretty much hit the nail on the head with the "processed beat" and vocal samples.

-The main kick, snare/hi-hats/cymbals, ePiano, strings, bells, scratches and snap/claps was me just using raw samples and filtering accordingly from scratch

+The acoustic bass, mute trumpet, regular trumpets and violins was me taking the samples and slicing them up and changing pitch so they sound like they belong, which to me is the most difficult and time consuming, but is rewarding when done right :]

*Last but not least, the vocals and filler percussion had to have been the two that I spent the least time on. I basically spaced, sped or slowed down the sample so it would go along with the rest of the music and fill the cracks.
I've also found out that vocals go GREAT with music who'da thought eh?

Thanks for your very thoughtful review S3C I appreciate it :]

Oh Snap

This is probably the most unexpected thing that I absolutely love on NG. Love everything about this song, sick trumpet, awesome little fx here and there that just help the song explode into awesomeness. I honestly want to go write some funk now! Thanks! I got through half the song before downloading.

SHADOWFOX2 responds:

Glad you liiiiiike :]
I agree that mute trumpet was truly one of a kind and fit perfectly to what I had
Like Sunspot, it had to have one too I guess for a similar taste, but enough to tell 'em apart.
As far as awesome little things that happen, I think the little violins would have to be my favorite
Even now, the panning plucks get me every time

Thanks for the love :]
Go write that funk yo


Reminds me of a game called jet set radio future lol

SHADOWFOX2 responds:

You know...I can see that!
Hideki's a big influence in the stuff that I do :]
Maybe for this one you're talking more along the likes of Humming the Bassline from the first one?
Thanks for comin' by!

Great for a game themes music

have you ever played a game called "Persona 3"? listening to this music make me feel this fit in it
Reeeeaaaaally relaxing, and easy to listen

SHADOWFOX2 responds:

Never played it, but I've heard this statement from someone else before
Glad you liiiiiiike :]