Reviews for "Redwood's Furnace"

...eh, it's pretty good, but... :\

a lil bit too repetitive, but it's still worth a download. B]

SHADOWFOX2 responds:

Just kidding lmao I agree
I'll probably say it a million times but I made this in 1 day
Didn't have too much time to think about how I could variate it and all that without sounding like something else
Either way it got the job done, and well I might add


This shit is ill, I love the electric pianos and that sample in the background! Keep this up!!!

SHADOWFOX2 responds:

Glad you like it :]

you are the best man

im love it

SHADOWFOX2 responds:

I'm da best mang, I deed eet
Also, McDonalds
Thanks again Yanzoo

xD wow

You've just inspired me on doing something like this.. i just dont know how, and it doesnt seem very easy xD What did you use, to make this masterpieace? Its mindblowing xD

SHADOWFOX2 responds:

Here comes inspirATION!!
Just keep workin' 'til you get it :]
I'm an FL user myself, that's Fruity Loops Studio
Thanks for the compliment

Pretty damn good

It's hard to pin things down exactly- everything builds and molds upon each other as the song progresses and it just gets progressively good as time goes on.

If I can criticize anything, it's that the muted trumpet lacks depth and substance to it. It sounds pretty tinny and out of place with everything else going on in the song.

Other than that, though, I say: Good job, this is one bitchin' track.

SHADOWFOX2 responds:

I sorta kinda completely disagree
The muted trumpet lacks depth and substance because it's muted haha
Being muted gives any instrument a tiny voice, but aside from it being repetitiiiiiiiiiive as crap I think it fits the rest of the track like a glove

I'm not sure if you wanna try to imagine this track without that trumpet
I do agree with the progressiveness of the track, but I'm gonna have to learn how not to bore people with it as well
Anyways, thank you very much for your review!
It is much appreciated and I will consider the weight of the mute trumpet from now on