Reviews for "Stick Short1"

I liked it...

I liked this the first time I saw it, and I still do. I'm assuming it got blammed once already, so if that happens again, consider making this part of a longer story. I really do like the graphics, though, and the first part was really funny to me ("OMG A cliff!"). The song went well with it, too. It does need a preloader, though, and I do think it could be a little longer, but even as it is, I liked it a lot, and voted to protect it.


I infact injoyed this stick movie. Its really good for a short. I wish it was longer tho. Good job

it was a good movie

it was a really good movie i hope that you make a second short stick flash

toxicbomb responds:


OMF a cliff!

Stick dude falling of a cliff?! Almost priceless.

toxicbomb responds:

:D Tanks!

Very good

Hahah very nice stick movie :D... Love the music in the background