Reviews for "Stick Short1"


Firstly I saw: Stick movie. Oh no. Happily, I was wrong with my thoughts, this was really cool. The beginning is great, with the guy jumping like a retard and the "OMG A CLIFF" made me laugh. The animation was really good, I loved how the legs and arms moved. The music is fresh, good choice. Definately jumping off a cliff is funny, great humor! The ending, with the fart and "k its over" made me laugh again. Didn't like the close-up anyway, could be better.

Anyway, good job!

I really Loved This one!

And it's in my favourit <-(did i spell that rigth?) list

Very good

It was very well animated and funny too!

toxicbomb responds:

Thanks!!! :)

I liked it...

I liked this the first time I saw it, and I still do. I'm assuming it got blammed once already, so if that happens again, consider making this part of a longer story. I really do like the graphics, though, and the first part was really funny to me ("OMG A cliff!"). The song went well with it, too. It does need a preloader, though, and I do think it could be a little longer, but even as it is, I liked it a lot, and voted to protect it.


Definently one of my favourite authors on ng. You and the Sl krew make up the top. Nice work with the short, fluid animtion and good humor ^_^.

toxicbomb responds:

I appreciate it!