Reviews for "Stick Short1"


my fav part was when thr stick jumps to the cliff the cliff

hahaha the baby cry at the end

matto please keep making cartoons lolz, they're the funniest/most creative flicks ever.

toxicbomb responds:

oh stop, you know whenever you leave me reviews it makes me want to make more movies! >:( haha <3!!!!


Definently one of my favourite authors on ng. You and the Sl krew make up the top. Nice work with the short, fluid animtion and good humor ^_^.

toxicbomb responds:

I appreciate it!

Very good

It was very well animated and funny too!

toxicbomb responds:

Thanks!!! :)

I like it

Short, funny, entretaiment...BEST OF THE BEST!

toxicbomb responds: