Reviews for "Stick Short1"

Very good

Hahah very nice stick movie :D... Love the music in the background


I remember seeing this somewhere else, but this is only part of it.
It was in the portal before, I'm sure of it, perhaps yesterday or the day before, I'm not sure, but I know I've seen this.

cool music

the idea is kinda overdone, but the animation was cool alright (:

what was the song's name ? I liked it alot ;o

I really Loved This one!

And it's in my favourit <-(did i spell that rigth?) list

so simple.... its brilliant

i thought that t'was really good, such simple animation, but just so well done, it wasnt just another 'stick movie, simple, CRAP!!!' it was stick flash, simple, BRILLIANT!!!!
good luck with ur future flashs