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Reviews for "-TRAPPED-"


I loved this small game. It's more of a walkthrough movie. The graphics and animation are smooth and the storyline was impressive. The sound was good. I liked the twist when him and dialla were about to be caught. How he left her out there. Like
I said man, I loved it. Good job!

A fantastic game with great music and voices.

I really enjoyed playing this game. The music, graphics, and character voices were spectacular. It was probably the first adventure game that H ave ever beaten and I am very pleased with this game. I hope the author comes out with more games like this.


That was so cool!!
I loved the twist in the ending and the fact that the charcters were drawen in manga style.

great game

i really enjoyed this game but i am really junk at these kind of games so i need to use the walkthough

Great Point and Click

It had great graphics, great animation, and makes you use your mind in a different way (Like burning the finger for the knife). Too bad the girl had to die, though.