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Reviews for "-TRAPPED-"

good game

i thought this game was very solid and enjoyable. i like these kinds of games, and the originality of trapped only goes to show how good games like this can be. i also liked the voices; they were very good. all in all, i had a good time with this game.

This Was Excellent

In my opinion, this was better than Crimson and Viridian rooms, as it was much less convoluted. The quality voice work really added a lot to the game. I beat it without a walkthrough, but the extraneous objects led me to believe there was an alternate ending. The only thing I didn't like was that you made Diala's death almost comedic... Oh, well. Here's praying for the sequel to come soon (there is a sequel, right?).

Great Game

These kind of games are always fun and addicting. Right now I am in the midst of play, I am only in th bathroom. It seems fun so far. You are also sponsored by armor games, which makes this game good. Well, so far so good, kepp up the good work!


This is definately one of the best escape games I've played yet. It wasn't too challenging, but it actually had a story, and that's worth some good bonus points. Everything about it was great, and the voice had a certain cheese to it to make it great, though not too much. Please make a sequel or prequel!

PS: I LOL'd when he left her in the other room.


will you make another one of these.