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Reviews for "-TRAPPED-"

Better Than Johnny Rocketfingers 2

The good
- Great, amazing story line
- Good voice acting
- Smoothe controlls
- Good graphics
- A lot of suspence
- Ironic Twists
- More than one type of interactivity

The bad
Could have been a little longer

Overall this game gets a 10 for the look and graphics. I hope you make more games like this. If you do, stick them on newgrounds because you know you will go far.

That game was pretty awesome!

It was fun, had great art, and simple to complete...much like Emortis. Very good.


it had everything. a point and click game wit shotting and a good plot. very nice. cant wait for the next thing you do.


This game was awesome. the only thing that was extremely unpleasant, was....LAGGGG!!!!!! i hate lag....please fix and that would be awesome! 5/5

good game

i thought this game was very solid and enjoyable. i like these kinds of games, and the originality of trapped only goes to show how good games like this can be. i also liked the voices; they were very good. all in all, i had a good time with this game.