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Reviews for "-TRAPPED-"

Awesome game.

Definitely got the Crimson/Vermillion Room vibe but this was just as good or better than those. My only complaint was that I wanted it to last longer! Great job on the animation and sound although the voice work of the main character sounded kind of cheesey in my opinion. But that can't compare with all the pros the game features. Great job and kudos!



Perfect ENDING

good work man u did it very well

nothing I haven't seen before. None the less, the gameplay is addictive.

Graphics: Good, they were quite good :)

Style: for its own genre, you did pretty well.

Sound: good

Interactivity: As I said, addictive

Humour: I do enjoy a bit of shooting em up n stuff, but it doesnt satisfy me to the core

overall it was alright, but have you played that game "streets of valhalla" That game is heaps good :)

but man u are over the top u know how to do graphics and how to script!!!

Godlimations responds:

ahha! I like you, you got good humour :)

ooh your website is really sharp!

ha its sooooo good

i just dont know what to do after i get through the bathroom and theres the terrorist or whatever guy
im pretty sure i got all the items