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Reviews for "-TRAPPED-"

Interesting storyline...

I bet it must have taken time to develop, right?

Plot Summarization

I'm amaze with the storyline and the animations!If it were 3d then it would tock NG for sure!Anyhow -Pursuit- is the sequel and it has a good storyline same to this but for the love-of-god please dont end it at escape!But if you are please make it really long!!

nice 1part

This game is really cool.Pursuit is the second part there will be the last part ESCAPE and it will appear at godlimations .com


Amazing!! I LOVE the ending, but i don't wanna give it away so good job and i think you should make this into a seris of games that keeps continueing!!! That would be so awesome!!!! The graphics could have been better but everything imporves with time =)


I loved the twist at the end

The voice actor sounds a bit like David Hayter too :D