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Reviews for "-TRAPPED-"


THAT WAS FREAKIN SWEET!!!!!! As stated b4, how you added the action wuz totaly sweet. And to answer the question about the guard, put the stocking on as a mask type thing to tell the guard to leave. I gave a 10/10 because the game tested my mind and got me thinking about real-life situations like that, the game was a wake-up call for this young warmonger, great game! To bad the hostage dies though, :) good game!


Loved it! I really did love the ending and that little twist you added, plus anybody who doesn't want to challenge their mind but wants to feel like they did (me) remember theres that walkthrough in the bottom right corner. Also i loved it that you added in some action into a game like this, really great, you deserved your score, 10/10.

How in the hell?

How in the hell do you get passed the fuckin guard??


had a great story! and the plot twist was great! 10 out of 10

dude!!!!!!!!!!totally tits

i loved i never expected the ending wow great work that was sick dude !!loves it