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Reviews for ""The Golden Mushroom""

Sprites movies with ACTUAL VOICEOVERS! O.o

Yeah, I mean, I don't mind watching sprite movies when they don't use other peoples voices, but it's always good to see something new, and you've definitely brought it into this flash movie. :D

Excuse me if I misspell the peoples names that i'm about to mention, but I couldn't see too clearly through the sand text. O.o

Well actually, lets start off with that. MajinPiccolo, that was definitely a great job on using your sprites like that, and you made their mouths move with the stuff that they were saying (Yeah, some flash movies just don't like to sync their audio). Fantastic way of showing off your flash skills. :D Plus, the custom animation itself was definitely great, like the one I mentioned earlier, the sand text.

Dmac, I think, did a great job on the voices of Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi..... but, I did have one problem though with it. It didn't seem like he was too enthusiastic in his voice (Now for Mario, I could understand with the monotone voice, due to stupidity, but for the rest, it just seemed like there was no emphasis on the voice during the whatever situation they were in). I mean, sure, he did put some effort into it at some parts of the movie, but some of the time, he lacked the power to keep his voice going on as the situation was either getting more serious, or more .... uhh.... lazily. However, I will definitely give him mad props for the lines that he said, for ACTUALLY DOING voiceover for these sprites, and for giving it that somewhat, italian, accent. xD Actually, I think he played toadsworth the best. :D

Kirbopher definitely seemed to be into his character. :D Wart was a criminal that was willing to even throw out his own comrades that pissed him off, and Kirbopher voiced him well. As he got angry (or was suppose to get angry), so did Kirbopher. Great job. :D

Now, I have to admit that, although, CZBacklash did indeed have the potential to have a great voice for badguys, he lacked what DMAC lacked slightly, enthusiasm. Well.... he actually seemed to play Eerie well, i'll definitely give him that, but on Mouser, while he was falling, or when he was coming to push Wart through the door, the voice for mouser just didn't seem right. But still, definitely a great job on having that sinister criminalistic voice. :D

However, I do have to admit, i'm saving the best for last here because Lalara (.... sorry if I misspelled her name, I can't see the sand text. :( ) was definitely by far one of the best peach voices i've ever heard in any mario flash movie ever. I was laughing as she explained to Mario the situation, and Mario didn't even listen to a thing she was saying. xD She played her part like a pro, and I couldn't of asked for anymore than what she gave us, although if she does add more, that'll be even more fantastic. :D Superb voicing, Lalara.

The storyline was pretty good. I mean, i've seen something like this before already from other mario flash movie creators (maybe it wasn't a golden mushroom, but it had to do with some one thing that was really important), but the humor you put it into it was great. It's humor that probably many have seen, but with the voices and different kind of sprite using (yeah, i'm not sure why, but i've never seen sprites that had luigi's mouth open that wide), it made the humor pretty great.

Overall, definitely new, definitely unique, and definitely has a future going for it. I believe if you keep on making any kind of flash movie like this, with these voices, you'll make even better flash movies than ever before.

I really hope I do see more of your work because it was definitely worth watching this flash movie.

MajinPiccolo responds:

Very...long...review... I love it when people review my movies this thoroughly.

Okay first off, thank you. I spent a lot of time into putting a lot of detail into this flash movie. It was so fun to make and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Second, I agree wih the Toadsworth thing. He did do a great job with him, but I gotta say, DMac did an amazing job with all his voices, in my opinion.

Laura is her name btw, and I agree. She did a superb job at Peach's voice.

Thank you, I'd like to hear more from you on my future movies. A true reviewer right here people. Read and learn a thing or two :)

I havn't laughed out loud to a flash in a longtime

when the children fell I laughed.
but when I heard "I'm a plumber" the most true responce I've ever heard on a mario parody, I HOWELED!
i <3 it


LOL whats with the italian words lol....anyways good show!

I am Shadow's Wrath and I approve this flash.

......Tacos rule.

1 word on the first video i ever saw on newgrounds