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Reviews for ""The Golden Mushroom""

Not as good as your other work

okay the graphics got a 7 because they were sprites. The style got a 4 because...well its mario. the voices may have been done by "superb" voice actors but personally i didnt like it. There wasnt alot of violence (but thats not a big deal). Interactivity wasnt a big factor and thats not important in most movies either. But the thing that suprised me the most was that the humor was bland and not funny and I did not expect that from you. Sorry but your flashes arent that funny anymore.

Not good

It is really tedious seeing so many Mario submissions on here - why can so few people make something original? But, as another reviewer has already pointed out, the masses of Newgrounds users seem to love it and therefore encourage more of the same. Ho hum..

The voice acting was a bit annoying, particularly the dreadful "Italian" accents.

The animation itself was reasonably good, with a few nice touches in the direction of the art, but it's still not original characters obviously. I liked the opening credits, even if it went on a bit long.

The jokes were pretty much people falling over or objects falling on people. That's it. You need some more diversity in the humour instead of stretching the same gag out for so long. This got boring really quickly.

Sorry, I wish I had something more positive to say, but I'm really irritated by seeing the same cartoon 100 times a week.


I liked all your movies up till this one.The jokes this time were WAY too overused.I knew what was going to happen ten seconds before it actually did happen,and none of them were actually that good.For example:a shyguy walks for five seconds with noone else around,of course something is going to land on him.And if Luigi walks for five seconds saying how he's going to save the Mushroom Kingdom,he's going to fall off a cliff,no matter overused that kind of joke is.The rest of the jokes were pretty much the same.Litterally nothing made me laugh.You can to way better than this.Better luck next time.